How many of you are having a meat free day?? How about having a meat free Monday every week!? Did you know that high consumption of processed and red meats are linked to the development of bowel cancer. To add to this you are also increasing your risks of heart disease and diabetes! So come on guys, join in on challenging your vegetarian culinary skills! Not only do we need to consider the health impact but also the ethical and environmental impact that comes with eating all this meat! I get the feeling that everyone panics about not getting enough protein if they were to eliminate meat from their daily diets. If you’ve followed a low carb diet, you are probably worrying about the weight you would gain if you weren’t able to have meat. But are we REALLY meant to consume the amount of animal products that we do? Don’t get me wrong I’m not telling everyone to become vegans or vegetarians ( I enjoyed a roast dinner of lamb on Sunday and it was delicious!) but I just think we should put a little more thought into the foods we put on our plates. This week in Australia is a national Meat Free Week and what a fantastic idea. Maybe we should try and adopt this sense of awareness. It really is worth a try as so many people would start to feel the benefits, not just in ourselves but also in our environment!

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  1. Coretta Kufuor
    Coretta Kufuor says:

    Hi Nesh, love what you are doing. Very inspired by your strength and determination. Well done honey.Me, my sister and sis n love have been going meat, and fish free for lent. All though I’m finding it hard sometimes, the way I feel at the moment is amazing. Just goes to show, how consuming so much meat can effect you.

    Stay blessed
    Love CK

    • nesehalil
      nesehalil says:

      Corrie thank you so much for reading my blog, it really does mean a great deal to me! Well done you for setting yourself a challenge for lent. Sometimes I agree it is hard to think of a menu that is meat free but it is only what you are used to. Once you have got into the swing of things you’ll not even think about meat! We are so used to consuming meat on a daily basis that we have forgotten what other delicious delights the earth has to offer. Keep up the good work honey. Xxx


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