So what are we picking/ snacking on this weekend people?? This is often what I struggle with at the weekend. The weekly routine is done and it’s time to slow down….. Phew! That’s when I tend to get a bit lazy. We’ve just got back from a PTA bingo afternoon at my sons school (yes I know I’m very rock n roll!) and we’ve eaten cup cakes, pizza and sausages in rolls. I have to say that I am feeling terrible!! It makes you think though doesn’t it, just how impossible it is sometimes to eat well and eat right all the time. Yeah I know you have to let it go at times but then I think no!!! Everyone should try and think out of the box and not continue to follow what everyone else considers “normal”. We need re-educating guys! We just need to dig a little deeper……well I’ve been trying and here are some of my finds that I thought I’d share with you. – Check out the sweet treats section especially (I’m addicted!). – I love this app! – Great dinner recipes and I also shop with them.
River Cottage Veg Every Day! By Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall – This book has literally transformed my veggie dinners and I love, love, love the dips recipes!
The Detox Cook by Louisa J Walters, Aliza Baron Cohen, Adrian Mercuri
Carol Vorderman’s Detox Recipes with Anita Bean
These last two books are my old classics and I’ve been using them for years.

I feel so passionate about what we eat and how we treat our bodies. If you think about caring for a new born, we see them as so precious, we treat them with absolute tenderness and purity. Why do we then stop?? It really is something that baffles me. If we just tried to keep that one thought in our minds and eat a little ‘cleaner’ then I’m sure you would begin to feel the difference. We are abusing ourselves and we just do not care. We treat our diets with disregard. Heart disease, diabetes and cancer are the top three killers and it really does boil down to diet at the end of the day. You can choose not to smoke and you can choose to drink sensibly so why do we not choose to eat wisely!?!

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  1. Georgia
    Georgia says:

    OMG! I’ve just run up the Raw Brownies from delisiouslyella and they’re amazing! New obsession & so healthy compared to normal chocolate puds. Thanks for the tip!


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