I was up at 5am this morning for work and I really need my coffee on these days. Today was really going to be a challenge if day 2 was anything to go by. I got myself ready, drank my hot water and lemon and prepared my breakfast smoothie. I was feeling surprisingly well! I have to admit I was slightly worried about getting through the day with such an early call and I always seem to be extra hungry on these days. Anyway off I went with my smoothie and straw.When I arrived at work the breakfast order had already been made and my usually skinny cappuccino and peanut butter on toast was waiting for me!! Ahhh, so tempting but you’ll be pleased to hear I resisted and happily settled for my smoothie regardless of the strange looks I got!

Breakfast – Blueberry and banana breakfast Smoothie ( I actually forgot to add the banana somehow but I put it down to the 5am wake and being on a detox. Very annoying!!)
This was ok and obviously would have been nicer with the banana in it. It had also gone quite gloopy by the time I drank it as it had warmed up in my hands, probably due to the oats but it does also state to use ice cold water for this recipe.

So far so good, I was also making sure that I kept on top of my water intake today as I think I may have been dehydrated the day before and I did not want to feel like that again! I was done with work by 9.30 and headed home on the tube. I was feeling fine. As soon as I returned I had a herbal tea and then got on with my next two juices as I’d planned for a picnic in the park with the kids. It is a bit time consuming but this was the last day and getting everything done in advance helps.

Lunch – Perfect Green Juice
When I was preparing this I really didn’t think I would enjoy it but it was very light and refreshing and exactly what was needed after the gloop. All packed and ready, off we went to the park.


Snack – Energizing Beetroot, Cucumber and Ginger Juice
I could drink this juice all day long and it kept me going for ages. By 8pm I still wasn’t that hungry even though we’d had a long active day and still hadn’t had my dinner smoothie. Today was a good day! I think I was probably better hydrated and had got through the barrier of the day before. That was tough!

Dinner – Apple, Pear, Avocado and Spinach Detox Smoothie
This was the same smoothie as the breakfast smoothie on day 1 and one I did enjoy it. I blended this for much longer this time around and it made it a lot smoother and creamier. I would definitely make this one again for a breakfast but for tomorrow I cannot wait to eat something! This smoothie is also a great one for dinner as avocados and bananas are good foods for inducing sleep and boy did I sleep well!

Ok the detox is finished and I have to say I am glad!! It wasn’t that bad apart from the second day which was awful. Do I feel different? Have I benefited? We will have to wait and see.

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