Being a mum to two young boys, for me, has been the most challenging thing I have ever done – but also the most rewarding and definitely the most amazing experience to. Having my first was easy, well easy compared to having two! You have more time to devote to one, there is no real rush and you can focus all of your attention solely on them with no distraction. Add another one to this equation and things begin to get a little challenging (for me that is anyway!). I have never experienced tiredness the way I have done over the last few years, not to mention the family stress I have also gone through which really has had an impact on my well being. Stress can really be damaging to your health and mental state in many ways. Lately I feel things are beginning to get out of control – I’m sure there not really if I take a step back and look at my situation, but this is the overwhelming feeling I’m experiencing at the moment.My skin is now showing all the signs of stress with the endless outbreaks no matter what beauty regime I follow. Nothing seems to be helping! My hormones are all over the place with my periods being irregular (which is extremely unusual for me!). So I’m thinking there must be a connection between the two. I feel irritable, deflated and totally exhausted.
I did visit my doctor but his suggestion was to put me on the contraceptive pill which I feel quite strongly about and refused the advice! There must be a way to treat this naturally?!

I’ve been doing a little research and I’ve come across something called Maca– this is a root from Peru that belongs to the radish family and apparently is an amazing energy boost for anyone suffering with low energy and is also great for increasing stamina. It is a super-food that contains high amounts of minerals, vitamins, enzymes and all the essential amino acids. It is also said to help balance our hormones which can include PMS, menopause and hot flashes. Maca is also helpful in alleviating anxiety, mood swings and depression. Not only all of the above but Maca can benefit your skin, helping clear acne and blemishes.

Have I found my solution??? Well I’d be crazy not to give it a try!!

Maca Morning Fruit Smoothie

1 frozen banana
1 handful of strawberries
1/4 mango chopped
1/2 cup of almond milk
2 tsps maca powder
1 tsp cacao powder

Blend together until smooth and serve.

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