International Day of Happiness – Did you know that this existed?! There seems to be a day for everything now, but actually this day is important when you think about it. We live in a fast past society and it seems we never have any time. We are all rushing here, there and everywhere, trying to do this and that, fitting in as much as we can into our already busy and crammed schedules………….and breathe………….isn’t that nice?? Do we ever take time to slow down and look at what really makes us happy? Are we doing the things that truly give us joy and pleasure. When we do finely slow down, it’s pretty amazing. For me, when I forget about all the things that stress me out or irritate me I think ‘yeah life is pretty great!’.

Then I think about what is making my inside happy. Is what you eat making your inside happy? Do you ever stop to think about whether your choice of food is nourishing and giving your body the tools it needs to be happy and healthy? When we are tired and haven’t had time to stop and breath you start to crave those easy food options that probably won’t give you the nutrients and vitamins you truly require. I’m guilty of that to but it is important to be mindful of your choices. Be happy and be healthy inside and out!

A few things that make me happy!


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