Extreme situations = Extreme change

It has already been a year since I began this journey!! Blogging, it’s all the rage now. I decided to blogg, I think, as a way of clearing my head of negative thoughts, a healing process maybe. Having lost my sister to bowel cancer I did not know how to cope or function. With a young family of my own as well as the family my sister left behind, I needed to find a way to carry on and stay strong! I look back now and wonder how on earth I’ve survived this last year. Full of grief and overwhelming emotions which you cannot make any sense of, I’ve some how got through it! It’s still an everyday battle dealing with such a huge lose but having something else to focus on has really helped. I didn’t set out to preach or dictate to anyone through my writing or images but a way of sharing my knowledge, which I feel everyone else could benefit from. When my sister received her diagnosis, we were all left feeling numb, shocked and in total panic. We all know that cancer is a killer but I wanted to hear about all the success stories. I wanted to believe she would survive, I wasn’t willing to sit back and just let the doctors make all the decisions and hope that something might work! I wanted to find out what we were really dealing with and learn from other people’s experiences. Sometimes it’s about taking control of a situation, we couldn’t control what had happened but we could maybe control the outcome in some way. And so my research began. What I’ve learnt and been made aware of throughout all of this is something I felt I needed to share. We couldn’t help my sister or change her outcome because maybe by then it was too late and also she wasn’t willing to embrace the change, but of course that was her choice and that is what we all had to accept and respect. But to sit back and not share our new knowledge would be the worst thing. If we could prevent things like this happening again, then at least it would help ease the pain.

Our lives have changed considerably; we have totally transformed our diets by juicing, cutting back on our animal intake and cooking from natural whole foods. I don’t believe we will live forever but I do believe that we can heal ourselves and make our journey a much more pleasant ride with a few less bumps along the way! We all know that smoking will harm our lungs and that excessive alcohol consumption will damage our liver, so it only makes sense that what we chose to eat will have an impact on our bodies. We must also consider the amount of exercise we get. Exercise definitely has a major impact on our wellbeing to and this is something I need to focus more on for my next chapter but we can’t do everything in one go. Small changes make a difference, if we are realistic with what we need to change to achieve our goals; we are more likely to succeed and enjoy life!


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