“Another year over……..a new one’s just begun!” – that’s what is playing over in my head as I’m sat here tapping away. Well Happy New Year to you all!!

Over the last year I have travelled a journey where time has got lost and I look back over that time and feel exhausted! It’s easy to forget what you have actually achieved in a year and I quite often give myself a hard time, feeling I could have done better or could have done more. I realise that I am my own worst enemy! It’s easy to focus on all the things you’ve not done and forgot about all that you’ve accomplished. I often set myself goals that put the pressure on and if I don’t reach them, then I feel like I’ve failed. So I have decided that I won’t be setting myself any new years resolutions this year – instead I have decided to treat myself kindly.

Over the next year I hope to share and inspire and hope you will enjoy the journey with me – so hop on aboard, it’s 2017!!

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