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Apple and Cinnamon Flapjack

I have been on a mission to find recipes that are easy to make, cheap, satisfying and something the whole family will love! Let’s face we all need a pick me up at some point through the day!! But quite often the things we crave and reach for, aren’t always nutritious and will lead to […]


Peanut Butter Oat Bakes

If you follow my Instagram feed, you can tell I’m slightly obsessed with baking sweet treats. Being a mother of two boys you don’t really have an option. They are ALWAYS hungry! If I arrive at the school gates with nothing for them to eat………actually I wouldn’t even go there! I like to have options […]


DIY Pot Noodle

I love making these! I can remember eating pot noodles as a kid and I loved them. For some reason I found it very satisfying pouring hot water into the pot and watching the noodles soften – I was clearly easily pleased as a child! But we all know that these aren’t the healthiest foods […]


Vegetable Dahl

Generally I try to plan my meals ahead for the week. As a family we have such a busy schedule, but then again who doesn’t these days. This means it’s even more important to make sure we are feeding our bodies with the right fuel to keep us going. Being a mother of two boys […]


Chocolate Orange & Maca Brownie Bites

Being a mum of two boys means life can be hectic at times. I’m always busy making sure everyone else is feed and watered that I quite often forget about myself. There never seems to be enough time to fit everything in! These brownie bites are perfect to have ready to grab in those moments […]


Carrot Cake Porridge

Is there ever a right time not to have porridge? My love for porridge began early and probably from the days of those 80’s ads! Who remembers them? “This is the way to glow to school……….central heating for kids!” Children leaving their homes with a glowing orange/red ring around them! Anyone with me?!  Well the humble […]


Turmeric, Honey & Lemon Coconut Dusted Balls

I love anything that is easy to grab and pop into my mouth! Especially when the contents are doing me some good. The autumn has arrived along with all the coughs and colds that come with it. Generally we are pretty healthy and seem to avoid coming down with these viruses. I like to think […]


Berry Forest Banana Smoothie- Serves 2

~ 4 frozen bananas ~ 1 cup of strawberries & blackberries ~ 1 tsp maple syrup ~ 2 tsp raw cacoa ~ 1 tsp maca ~ 1 cup almond milk Put all of the ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth. Not only is this satisfying (especially when you have those pre-menstrual chocolate cravings!) […]

Sunday at the movies

It’s the weekend, it’s Sunday, the weather has been all over the place and I’m recovering from a hen do the night before; so what better way to spend the afternoon than a trip with the family to the cinema to watch Disney’s ‘The Jungle Book’. An absolute childhood classic of a film for everyone! […]