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Flipping great!

Apparently we’ve been flipping pancakes since as far back as 1439. Why change a tradition that works? We LOVE pancakes in this household and certainly don’t wait until ‘Shrove Tuesday’ to make them! And what a simple list of ingredients – eggs, flour, salt and milk. I have so many fond childhood memories of pancake […]


“Another year over……..a new one’s just begun!” – that’s what is playing over in my head as I’m sat here tapping away. Well Happy New Year to you all!! Over the last year I have travelled a journey where time has got lost and I look back over that time and feel exhausted! It’s easy […]

Juicing my way to health!

I’m a huge fan of juicing and it’s a great thing that it is now such a trend but I do hope that everyone really understands the true benefits that we can gain from our daily juices. I started juicing almost three years ago after extensive research during my sisters battle with bowel cancer. Unfortunately […]

One Year On

Extreme situations = Extreme change It has already been a year since I began this journey!! Blogging, it’s all the rage now. I decided to blogg, I think, as a way of clearing my head of negative thoughts, a healing process maybe. Having lost my sister to bowel cancer I did not know how to […]

International Day of Happiness

International Day of Happiness – Did you know that this existed?! There seems to be a day for everything now, but actually this day is important when you think about it. We live in a fast past society and it seems we never have any time. We are all rushing here, there and everywhere, trying […]

Change 4 Life

Listening to the radio today while I was getting ready for the school run, my ears perked up when an advert came on for ‘Change 4 Life’ which is the NHS campaign for encouraging a better lifestyle and it’s slogan is, ‘Eat well Move more Live longer’. It spoke about sugar swaps, as you may […]

Thirst Quenching Melon

With a Turkish father, growing up without watermelon in the house as soon as spring arrives would be odd! We just LOVE our watermelon and my childhood summer memories are full of thirst quenching and refreshing watermelons. We also have ours with a slice or two of hellim (Halloumi). Sometimes melon gets forgotten about, it […]

Maca to the rescue!

Being a mum to two young boys, for me, has been the most challenging thing I have ever done – but also the most rewarding and definitely the most amazing experience to. Having my first was easy, well easy compared to having two! You have more time to devote to one, there is no real […]

Fresh Friday’s

I’ve been storing my top five favourites things to share with you today! Black or dark coloured grapes! The perfect little gems to snack on when you fancy something sweet. Not only are they tasty and delicious but they are packed with goodness helping with brain function and memory, protection against cancer, preventing heart disease and […]

Meat free Monday

How many of you are having a meat free day?? How about having a meat free Monday every week!? Did you know that high consumption of processed and red meats are linked to the development of bowel cancer. To add to this you are also increasing your risks of heart disease and diabetes! So come […]

Weekend pickings

So what are we picking/ snacking on this weekend people?? This is often what I struggle with at the weekend. The weekly routine is done and it’s time to slow down….. Phew! That’s when I tend to get a bit lazy. We’ve just got back from a PTA bingo afternoon at my sons school (yes […]

My first day!

Today I decided to set myself two challenges. The first challenge was to actually start writing my blog! So here I am. The second challenge was to enrol myself to the ‘Race for Life’, running 10k. This is something I have never done before in my life!! Run I mean. I once went for a […]