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Home hair care with Josh Wood Colour

Home hair care is the way forward for me especially since having kids. Finding the time to fit in a trip to the hairdressers is something I begrudge doing! I love the finished look that I could never achieve, but I really can’t bare having to sit in front of a mirror for an hour or […]

Staying well through winter

As soon as the clocks go back and the dark nights fall in fast you know that winter is here. We’re all huddled indoors with the heating cranked up getting our ‘hygge’ on! Then come all the colds and sniffles!! As soon as the kids head back to school after that October half term the […]

Love your skin when living with eczema

My youngest son is a sensitive soul inside and out.  He has always had dry skin since he was a baby with your classic eczema patches in the creases of the arms and behind the knees. It wasn’t until he was in reception that his condition flared up to the point where it was affecting […]

Eat a Rainbow

On our way to our friends the other week we were greeted with a beautiful sight, it was the most amazing rainbow! I haven’t seen one so bright and clear in years and it really amazed me. I  could get lost staring at such natural occurances, it truly fascinates me. And then this got me […]

Retro fun in Whitstable

Jump in the car and drive for an hour and a half and your in the lovely seaside town of Whitstable. I’ve never been before and I don’t know why!! I loved our weekend there with the kids and our lovely friends and their children. It’s not just great for families but also perfect for […]

Life after detox

I survived the 3 day detox!! Great news……was it worth it? It depends on how you look at it I suppose. I would say that I generally eat well – I try to eat organic (which people have real mixed opinions on but I believe it’s right!), I follow a predominantly vegetarian diet which includes […]

3 Day Detox – Day 3

I was up at 5am this morning for work and I really need my coffee on these days. Today was really going to be a challenge if day 2 was anything to go by. I got myself ready, drank my hot water and lemon and prepared my breakfast smoothie. I was feeling surprisingly well! I […]

3 Day Detox – Day 2

I woke up this morning feeling ok but once I was downstairs and getting on with the morning routine with no coffee, I have to say the headache I had didn’t feel great. I drunk my hot water with lemon then got on with preparing my breakfast feeling a little disorientated. I knew then that […]

3 Day Detox – Day 1

I’m all ready for my 3 day detox with all my ingredients bought in preparation the day before. A purchase of a blender was also included in my preparation!! I am very excited by this as I’ve been talking about buying one for ages. I’d talked myself out of it on many occasions. You know […]

Time to reset

So it’s been a great weekend and guess what??? We’ve over indulged!! Is there anyone else out there who is feeling bloated, sluggish and dehydrated? Our good friend has been celebrating her birthday and we were invited over for a ‘come dine with me’ experience! No children for this event and with the kids packed […]

Sizing up!

Size matters, but does it really?? How many of you worry about the size label when you are shopping for a new outfit? Have I put on weight? Have I lost weight? Oh I can’t buy that size……I’m normally a…..Come on girls!! Being a plus sized model has given me the confidence to appreciate what […]

Foodie Fun

It’s my best friends birthday next week and you know what it’s like, you want to buy something that is special, different or something they wouldn’t buy themselves. So when I saw an offer on LittleBird (which is a company where you can buy discounted days out, events and products etc.) for a cupcake and […]

Let’s get the ball rolling!

The training commenced today with some reluctance at first. What with getting breakfast sorted and kids dressed, juicing, preparing packed lunch and getting to school on time, once we’ve returned home and look around at the destruction of the morning, I’m thinking a nice coffee would be great!! But no this is something I need […]

Training begins!

Training begins today……..we’ll not quite although the intension was there! I did actually get up and get into my training gear. Does that count?? My 4 year old has been off school with chickenpox and both boys love their very early mornings, which are now might I add beginning to get the better of me. […]