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Styling The Denim Jacket

The classic denim jacket has served us well for many years. It is the classic staple to all of our wardrobes, whatever our age, shape, size or gender. It is the true capsule piece that is worth investing in. Ever since I can remember I have always had a denim jacket in my wardrobe. It’s […]

Fresh Curls Edit

My hair is naturally curly and for years I’ve tried to perfect the straight, smooth and sleek blow dry that has been damaging my hair and curls. Two year ago my hair was at breaking point, literally! My hair dresser told me that if I continued treating my hair the way I was, with my […]

Fresh Finds White Jean Edit

When we had the first taste of spring this year, I felt the urge to get my white jeans ironed and on! The Easter weekend was so lovely with gorgeous sunshine and a taste of normal life again with garden visits from friends and family and the white jeans stayed on throughout. Jeans are definitely […]


Leek & Mushroom Pie

There is something so comforting about making a pie for dinner and it never disappoints! With a house full of boys this dinner totally makes them smile and there’s never any leftovers either. Whenever I post pie pictures on any of my instagram feeds, I always receive lots of messages for the recipe so it […]


Christmas Jumper Edit

Sunday 9th December LIVE – Christmas Jumper Edit I love that point in December when it’s time to get the Christmas jumpers out. I never used to be a fan but in the last five years they have become a real trend for December. I love the fact that there are so many choices out […]

Christmas Gift List Edit

Sunday 2nd December LIVE – Christmas Gift List Edit I love Christmas and I love giving presents to my friends and family. I’ve always tried to plan ahead and get most of my shopping done as early as possible so there isn’t that last minute stress. But somehow I always end up buying too much. […]


The Healthier Banana Bread

I was never really into banana bread until I had kids. They are always hungry and no matter how much I feed them they still raid the cupboards for more! My first ever homemade banana bread was from the Hummingbird recipe book. It makes a delicious and light loaf but it has so much refined sugar […]

The Lippy Edit

Sunday 18th November LIVE – The Lippy Edit Okay ladies it’s time to pucker up and get lip ready! I used to shy away from lip colour as I never wanted my lips to stand out. I have always been a less is more girl and opted for a more natural look. I think this […]


Clearing Up The Myths

Clearing up the myths around foods Eating healthy is a major part of my life! Eating well will determine how well you live. We need food for fuel, to survive and to have energy to get through our day!  I love food and I’m a self confessed foodie! Food was a huge part of my […]


Winter Hats Edit

Sunday 11th November LIVE – Winter Hats Edit I’ve never really realised how much of a hat selection I had, until Ali and I decided to do a live on hats. My collection runs from classic wooly bobble hats to baker boys and fedora hats. Yes I confess….I LOVE hats! Hats are something I have […]


Raw Ferrero Rocher Balls

I absolutely LOVE ferrero rochers which comes as no surprise as I’m obsessed with nutella! There is something about unwrapping the gold foil and the smell of sweet hazelnuts that escapes. It takes me back to my childhood. These were one of my grandmothers favourites and she would always store her chocolates in the freezer. […]


Knitwear Edit

Sunday 4th November LIVE – Knitwear Edit As much as I love the summer, I equally love and welcome the winter. I am known as the queen of layering and there is nothing more cosy than pulling on a gorgeous knit. I think there is something so chic about a chunky knit, an old pair […]


Staying Healthy Edit

Sunday 28th October LIVE – Staying Healthy Edit We all lead such busy fast paced lives these days that we often forget to take a step back to assess how we are feeling. It’s only until something happens that we often consider making changes. But here’s the thing, if we make the changes or take […]

Party Makeup Looks Edit

Sunday 21st October LIVE – Party Makeup Look Edit Preparing for the party season is always something I love! With christmas around the corner, they’ll be lots of nights out so it’s a chance to get dressed up and feel extra special. People often ask me who does my makeup when I model on ITV’s […]

A Fresh Find for Cornish Fun

Turning 40 this summer was a big deal for me! Not only was I turning 40 but my husband too. If that wasn’t enough to celebrate we were also celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary! We knew we wanted it to be special and to be surrounded by our close friends and all of our […]

Models Top Tips Edit

Sunday 14th October LIVE – Models Top Tips Both Ali and I are models and have been since our twenties. Our jobs range from photographic and T.V. work to catwalk shows. Through this we have gained years of expert advice and tips from make up artists, hairstylists and fashions stylists and now we want to […]

Best Beauty Buys Edit

  Sunday 7th October LIVE – Best Beauty Buys   I’m a believer that beauty comes from within and I definitely like to invest in the right products too. Getting to know your skin is really important, especially if like me you are very sensitive. I like to keep things as simple and as natural […]

About us

  If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I have collaborated with my lovely friend Ali. We met back in May having known of one another through mutual friends for over 10 years and decided that it made complete sense to work together. With so many things in common from both being models, […]


Work to Weekend Fashion Edit

Saturday 29th September LIVE – Work to Weekend Fashion Edit Investing in key pieces that will see you through your work hours into your weekend wardrobe is essentially how you create a capsule wardrobe. Buy things that you love and can see working with pieces you already have. All the items that I have selected […]


Faux leather and suede edit

Saturday 22nd September LIVE – FAUX LEATHER & SUEDE EDIT There’s definitely a luxury feel to buying clothes that are either leather or suede! But with those pieces usually comes a hefty price tag. Queue the faux leather and suedette! Throwing on a suedette biker jacket can add instant glamour to an outfit and they […]

Wear It Work It

When you buy something, do you consider whether you can wear it and work it and get at least thirty wears out if it? With fast fashion showing no signs of slowing down, we need to consider how this has an impact on our environment and also on the lives of the people that make […]

Home hair care with Josh Wood Colour

Home hair care is the way forward for me especially since having kids. Finding the time to fit in a trip to the hairdressers is something I begrudge doing! I love the finished look that I could never achieve, but I really can’t bare having to sit in front of a mirror for an hour or […]

Staying well through winter

As soon as the clocks go back and the dark nights fall in fast you know that winter is here. We’re all huddled indoors with the heating cranked up getting our ‘hygge’ on! Then come all the colds and sniffles!! As soon as the kids head back to school after that October half term the […]

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Love your skin when living with eczema

My youngest son is a sensitive soul inside and out.  He has always had dry skin since he was a baby with your classic eczema patches in the creases of the arms and behind the knees. It wasn’t until he was in reception that his condition flared up to the point where it was affecting […]

Eat a Rainbow

On our way to our friends the other week we were greeted with a beautiful sight, it was the most amazing rainbow! I haven’t seen one so bright and clear in years and it really amazed me. I  could get lost staring at such natural occurances, it truly fascinates me. And then this got me […]

Retro fun in Whitstable

Jump in the car and drive for an hour and a half and your in the lovely seaside town of Whitstable. I’ve never been before and I don’t know why!! I loved our weekend there with the kids and our lovely friends and their children. It’s not just great for families but also perfect for […]

Life after detox

I survived the 3 day detox!! Great news……was it worth it? It depends on how you look at it I suppose. I would say that I generally eat well – I try to eat organic (which people have real mixed opinions on but I believe it’s right!), I follow a predominantly vegetarian diet which includes […]

3 Day Detox – Day 3

I was up at 5am this morning for work and I really need my coffee on these days. Today was really going to be a challenge if day 2 was anything to go by. I got myself ready, drank my hot water and lemon and prepared my breakfast smoothie. I was feeling surprisingly well! I […]

3 Day Detox – Day 2

I woke up this morning feeling ok but once I was downstairs and getting on with the morning routine with no coffee, I have to say the headache I had didn’t feel great. I drunk my hot water with lemon then got on with preparing my breakfast feeling a little disorientated. I knew then that […]

3 Day Detox – Day 1

I’m all ready for my 3 day detox with all my ingredients bought in preparation the day before. A purchase of a blender was also included in my preparation!! I am very excited by this as I’ve been talking about buying one for ages. I’d talked myself out of it on many occasions. You know […]

Time to reset

So it’s been a great weekend and guess what??? We’ve over indulged!! Is there anyone else out there who is feeling bloated, sluggish and dehydrated? Our good friend has been celebrating her birthday and we were invited over for a ‘come dine with me’ experience! No children for this event and with the kids packed […]

Sizing up!

Size matters, but does it really?? How many of you worry about the size label when you are shopping for a new outfit? Have I put on weight? Have I lost weight? Oh I can’t buy that size……I’m normally a…..Come on girls!! Being a plus sized model has given me the confidence to appreciate what […]

Foodie Fun

It’s my best friends birthday next week and you know what it’s like, you want to buy something that is special, different or something they wouldn’t buy themselves. So when I saw an offer on LittleBird (which is a company where you can buy discounted days out, events and products etc.) for a cupcake and […]

Let’s get the ball rolling!

The training commenced today with some reluctance at first. What with getting breakfast sorted and kids dressed, juicing, preparing packed lunch and getting to school on time, once we’ve returned home and look around at the destruction of the morning, I’m thinking a nice coffee would be great!! But no this is something I need […]

Training begins!

Training begins today……..we’ll not quite although the intension was there! I did actually get up and get into my training gear. Does that count?? My 4 year old has been off school with chickenpox and both boys love their very early mornings, which are now might I add beginning to get the better of me. […]