Home hair care is the way forward for me especially since having kids. Finding the time to fit in a trip to the hairdressers is something I begrudge doing! I love the finished look that I could never achieve, but I really can’t bare having to sit in front of a mirror for an hour or more. Does anyone else relate to this?

I’ve never been one for experimenting when it comes to hair apart from when I was at university where I decided to go pixie short with my cut. I loved the freedom of not having to do anything in the mornings and the little amount of time it took to wash and dry. But the novelty soon wore off when I realised I had to make more frequent visits to the hairdressers to maintain this short style! And so I grew it back again.

My hair has a natural curl to it and is very fine. I used to always wear my hair curly then after having my children I started to straightening it as the curls began to look limp. This eventually takes it toll on the condition of your hair and it is quite dry these days. Then add to this the fast sprouting greys that are now appearing, which on brunette hair is difficult to hide!

And so my journey into hair colour has begun! I have tried both salon and home colours and as of yet still not convinced with the finished look. When Josh Wood contacted me a few months back offering me some of their home hair colour products to try and review, I jumped at the chance.

Josh Wood Colour Everything Mask

Josh Wood Colour Shade Shot

They offer an online consultation which will advise on what products are suitable to you. Having not long coloured my hair at a salon I wasn’t able to try one of their home colour products so I decided to go for the  Cool Me Down Colour Shade Shot combined with the Josh Wood Colour Everything Mask. This would boost my colour and neutralise any orange or red tones as well as leaving it nourished and glossy. There is also the option to go for a Warm Me Up Colour Shade Shot depending on your colour needs. These products are available for both blondes and brunettes.

Josh Wood Colour Root Marker

You mix the two products together into a bowl as instructed on the packaging and apply it to freshly washed wet hair and leave this for 10 minutes to work it’s magic. Rinsing off the treatment I could already feel the difference in my hair. It felt smooth and silky with the knots just falling out. This hair mask is definitely worth a try, even without the Shade Shot as it leaves my hair feeling smooth and nourished.

After blow drying my hair I could notice a little difference in using the Shade Shot. I think the more you use it the better the results! The last time I used it I had several people asked me if I had my hair coloured and complimented the way it looked. These Shade shots are definitely worth a try!

ghd AURA professional hair dryer

My friend was also given some products to try who has thick blonde hair. She colours her hair regularly with blonde highlights so wanted to try the Root Marker along with the Everything Mask. This is a handy handbag sized product. You can use it to cover up those stray grey strands as well as using it as an eyebrow pencil. That said she felt that maybe she had selected the wrong shade for herself. It didn’t give her the coverage she had hoped for.

Once again the Everything Mask was just as effective, making it more manageable  and left it feeling nicely conditioned. She has also used this mask on her daughters hair. They both have very long thick hair and found it very nourishing.


These products are definitely worth a try especially if you are short on time and money. I hope to give their permeant colour a try next!


Photographer – Jenny Duce


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