Having clear skin with that radiant glow is want we all want wouldn’t you agree?!
All these beauty products on the shelves are aimed at exactly that!

But can you achieve it all in the purchase of a bottle or a makeup product?

Don’t get me wrong, these might work for some but in my case nothing seemed to work! It’s been a long battle and I use the word ‘battle’ because it has really felt that way!

Working as a model you are expected to look radiant make up free and the more I worried about this the harder it seemed to get. I had pretty perfect skin until I hit my late 20’s! It’s hard to remember those days and as my skin changed I lost all confidence which as a model isn’t great. I had my kids in my early 30’s and things improved through pregnancy but then got worse than ever!

The last 6 years have been turbulent with lots of stress and I believe this has made matters worse. The more my skin broke out the more I would search for products to solve my skin issues. I’d be busy exfoliating and applying masks, stripping it of it’s natural oils – all the while not realising I was making matters worse!

Around last summer things really climaxed with my skin and my confidence was at rock bottom. The more my skin broke out the more I stressed!!

Things had to change! My diet has always been good, I don’t eat processed foods and I cook everything from scratch. I drink lots of water, green tea, smoothies and juices, so I knew this wasn’t the key.I realised I needed to embrace my skin. I needed to accept it for the way it was and began to have makeup free days whenever I could. I was starting to feel more relaxed and I was saving so much time making my mornings less stressful!

I searched for more natural beauty products as I figured I should shop more mindfully in the same way I would shop for food. If you read the labels of your beauty products, you’ll notice you are completely unfamiliar with many of them!

Boots No7 skin cleansing oil

Please note that this product has been rebranded and package so will look different to the photographed above.

Dr. Bronner’s Baby Castile Liquid Soap

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Deep Pore Cleansing Mask

Juice Beauty Blemish Clearing Serum

Jojoba Oil

These are the products that I now use and I have listed them in the order to be used.

My top tip is to make sure you double cleanse to make sure you are removing all traces of dirt and make-up.

I start with the cleansing oil and then follow with the liquid soap.

I then tone with the Pixi Glow Tonic (link below) followed by the blemish clearing serum and finish with the jojoba oil.

I try to do a mask treatment once a week which I find really cleans the skin leaving it fresh and glowing!

What I have also learnt along the way is that it isn’t only one factor that can affect your skin. Just changing my beauty regime wasn’t going to be the only answer. Our hormones play a role on how our skin behaves. Midway through my menstrual cycle, I noticed I looked more glowing but by the time my period was due my skin started to change. As a result I’ve started to include liquid evening primrose oil to my smoothies and I try to avoid high sugar foods including more natural sweeteners like maple syrup and honey.

Pixi glow tonic
It’s been almost 9 months since I began my new skin regime and things have massively improved! I am feeling so much happier and definitely more confident. I now don’t stress if I have a little breakout as I know with a little  calm thinking and TLC things will settle again.

Obviously everyone’s skin is different so please do bare that in mind if you try any of these products.

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Jenny Duce