When you buy something, do you consider whether you can wear it and work it and get at least thirty wears out if it?
With fast fashion showing no signs of slowing down, we need to consider how this has an impact on our environment and also on the lives of the people that make our garments.


I grew up surrounded by the sounds of sewing machines, a tailor’s daughter, so I am fully aware of the impact that the demand for cheap clothes has on these businesses. My family were in the rag trade for over 20 years. Eventually they were forced to close their factories after failing to meet the price demands from the clothing brands.


I love fashion! For me it is a creative outlet, a chance to express my individuality, playing with different colours and styles. Last year I decided to have a 30 day shopping ban and instead shopped my wardrobe! That’s when I created #wearitworkit
I’m not going to lie, it was a challenge to resist those purchases and I did have one small blimp! But what this exercise did was remind me how much I already had and forgotten about!


There is a real pressure to look good in the latest fashion trends, with shops encouraging that panic buying with their ‘last chance to buy’ clothing rails.


So the next time you feel tempted, step back and think about what you already have and how you can somehow recreate that look!
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