Sunday 11th November LIVE – Winter Hats Edit

I’ve never really realised how much of a hat selection I had, until Ali and I decided to do a live on hats.

My collection runs from classic wooly bobble hats to baker boys and fedora hats.

Yes I confess….I LOVE hats!

Hats are something I have always worn and loved wearing! It adds an element of style that can really finish off a winter outfit if done right. A hat can help you out on a bad hair day and no one would ever notice. They’ll think you’ve made a real effort putting you outfit together.

Damn my secret is out now!

Just go for it!

I think the key to wearing one is to just go for it and not to worry about what people might think. It’s about having confidence and having fun with fashion. Not only that, it’s also an extra layer of warmth on those crisp cold days and a life saver when trying to keep the frizz at bay on a wet day too.

You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to wooly hats and baker boy caps right now. They are literally everywhere, so get trying and decide which one is for you!

Here’s my selection of hats that I’m loving right now!

Light grey knitted fur bobble hat

Knitted pearl beanie 

Black sequinned beret

Baker boy hat

Fedora hat

Bar trim fedora hat

Pom pom knitted beret

Embellished wool beret

Bobble baker boy hat

Leopard print beanie

Woven baker boy hat

Black sparkle beanie

Sequin beanie

Navy fedora

Black diamanté beret

Orange leopard print pom pom beanie

Knitted beret

Don’t forget to check out Ali’s edit too!


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